You Can Count On Insurance Defenders When It Comes To Water Damage

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Water Damage

Water can damage a building in many ways. Wind-driven rain can penetrate the walls of the home or come in through small gaps in the roof or around the windows. A malfunctioning water heater, dishwasher, ice maker, or clothes washing machine can result in water damage. It doesn’t matter where the water came from or how it got into your home. Your homeowners’ insurance will cover all losses from water damage with one exception: flood damage. Even then, it is wise to speak to an attorney who is experienced in resolving insurance disputes. Many times, what you, or even the insurance company, think is “flood,” IS NOT actually flood under the law. If your home has been damaged by water, insurance should cover the loss. At Insurance Defender, we have helped clients with all types of water damage-related insurance disputes, including water damage to a home or business after a fire. Whether your property was damaged by a broken water pipe or rain that came in through an old roof, we can help you get the full amount of insurance coverage included in your insurance policy.

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